Getting fit on a budget

Getting fit on a budget

Being more active doesn’t need to mean paying for expensive gym membership, if you’re looking to increase your physical activity there are lots of different options available.

Workout DVD’s

Cheap DVDs can be picked up in local charity shops or from swapping with friends to keep your interest and keep challenging yourself. You can also now access a whole host of different tutorials and videos on YouTube

Smart Phone Apps

There are some great workout apps available for your smartphone which don’t need to cost the earth! The Couch to 5K app from NHS Choices is a good free download to try. You can also download diet plans and free recipe books for hints and tips on the go

Use Home Equipment

You can buy cheap home equipment online from places such as Amazon although keep an eye on local buy and sell sites and car boots where even cheaper pre-loved equipment can be found. Skipping ropes and weights can be great tools to improve your fitness at home.

Use the great outdoors

This doesn’t necessarily mean go for a run! Using local parks and outside spaces to up your daily steps to the recommended 10,000 can be a great way of getting more active increasing your vitamin d levels and improve your emotional wellbeing.

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