How much, is too much alcohol?

How much, is too much alcohol?

Drinking is always talked about but do we really know our limits? Each person can react differently to differing amounts of alcohol, factors that can affect it could be weight, height and gender. Even as individuals we can react differently on different days depending on how much we have eaten during the day or whether you are feeling tired.

On average, weekly, the UK’s Chief Medical Officer states no more than 14 units of alcohol should be consumed over any given week. It is best to spread these units over a period of 3 or more days. Introducing several alcohol-free days per week can be a good way to cut down the amounts you’re consuming.

Alcohol consumption can be defined as being ‘too much’ when it starts to affect your day to day life, your relationships with loved ones or with work, your health or you begin to notice a reliance on consuming alcohol.

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